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  • Hello,

    When I select link to a file download with a .pdf file link (The file is added as a pdf in the media library). When I test and complete the form, I’m presented with the download file link but once I click on the link, it does not download as a PDF. Are there any way I can change it, so that it downloads as a PDF.

    Kind regards,
    S Miah

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  • Plugin Author richardgabriel


    Hey @smiah!

    Does the file work as a PDF if you add the .pdf extension?

    Or, is the file corrupted?

    I’ve had users report issues when the file is hosted on an external service and the download has to follow a redirect – we did patch that issue but I wanted to be sure you definitely have the file in your Media Library and that file works fine when accessed directly?

    All the best,

    Hi, i think im having the same issue. I upload my pdf to the Media Library, copy the full url (not permalink) and paste it into the file field in B&A’s goal. But when when initiate a download through the CF7 form, the pdf that downloads is empty.

    I’ve confirmed that the pdf is not corrupted by downloading from the direct url. Any ideas?

    Im having the same issue like > iLoveCake <
    is there any fix for that? Im willing to buying the pro version, but first I need to see how the free version works. thanks

    Same issue here!
    Just installed the plugin, everything works great except for the actual download. It downloads the file WITHOUT the PDF extension (if I add it manually after downloading, it works well; but most of my users won’t figure this out).
    Suggestions please!!!

    Plugin Author richardgabriel


    Hey @dbendersky

    In your case, I’ve seen this happen when people set the filename (we have an option to do this, in the plugin, via the File Name field on the Goal) and the filename doesn’t include the extension. For example, if you set the File Name field to “download” instead of “download.pdf”, the file will not have an extension.

    Can you let me know if that helps with your issue?

    Other issues can stem from externally hosted files, .htaccess rules / file permissions preventing scripts from accessing the files, or files that run through redirects that the script cannot follow. However, in your case it sounds like the File Name field could be the culprit.

    All the best,

    Yes, that did it! Maybe you could add that clarification under the “File Name” field to prevent confusion.
    Thank you for your prompt response!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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