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  • When working a post say that has several paragraphs and you want to link certain words to PDFs.. for example:

    This is a sample text, you should download my pdf.

    Now I want to have the word download link to a PDF I’m about to upload. So I highlight the word download and select upload media. I choose the PDF from my computer. Now it asks for a title. I of course want to label it something that will help me remember what it is such as “How to Build Forms PDF”.

    But if I click insert it replaces the word “download” with “How to Build Forms PDF”. So I then have to manually replace “How to Build Forms PDF” with “download” and while not a challenge for me, telling a client to do that is quite tricky.

    The other option being putting the title “download” when uploading the PDF, but then in the media manager when I later need to find that pdf it will be called “download” instead of it’s real title. Thus I would need to use the title “download” then after inserting it open media manager again and change the title from download to “How to Build Forms PDF”.

    To conclude if I’ve highlighted text and then clicked insert media, the title of the media should be for media manager only and not inserted into the post. If I have not highlighted text then it should use the title from media manager. If WP doesn’t have a way of knowing if I selected text then the Media Manager needs two fields one for the media’s title and a field for the title to insert.

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  • I don’t think this is a change from 3.4, though definitely a good suggestion.

    In 3.4, any highlighted text will be replaced by the inserted media, regardless of media type. Inserted image will cause highlighted text to disappear, etc.

    In 3.5-RC3-23099, the result is identical.

    There does not appear to be any change specific to the trunk.

    Moderator Mike Schroder


    4.5 Release Lead

    Since this isn’t a regression, moving this thread to Requests and Feedback.

    However, it is indeed a great suggestion!

    If you’d like, you can add a suggestion here as well:

    wow, I love WordPress but that’s the kind of things I don’t understand. Why would the editor replace the selected text with the media name? I’m gonna have a fun time explaining to my users that they must select the text / copy it / paste it inside “Title” field.
    Anyway I hope this gets changed in the next releases.
    Big up to the WordPress team for the amazing work.

    We have the same issue – where a client needs to add PDF links to hundreds of anchor text items WITHOUT wanting to change the anchor text to the media Title.
    An alternative was to use a plugin, Better Internal Links, which enabled them to search for MEDIA in the Insert Link dialog box. However that plugin seems to currently have conflicts with several shortcode plugins we use.
    In any case, adding my request for this functionality to add a media link without changing the highlighted text.
    (OR alternatively, add media as an option to search under Insert Link – see )

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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