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  • Can some one point me in the right direction for why my link target on a custom menu is opening in the same page, plus a new page in a 3.8 version of wordpress while in firefox? issues with safari also… the schooling menu.

    Any Help is appreciated.

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  • Raises hand.

    The …/search.aspx URL is intended to act like a pop-up, you added target=”_blank” and each of those browsers have popups set to open in a new tab or window – so you get two!

    Thanks PVWD, I understand what it is doing, I need to figure out why it is not working properly.

    I want them to open in a new window target=”_blank”, and to do that I am using the link target in the custom menu section. my question is why does it not functioning correctly? Do I need to add code to functions to make this work, I would think that it would be in there already if it is a function of wordpress?

    Go to Menu Section under WordPress admin area.
    (Appearance – > Menus)

    Click at the top on “Screen Options”
    Under the – “Show advanced menu properties”

    You have to check – Link Target.

    Close the screen options and come3 to your menu link where you will find new option – “Link target” set it to ‘_blank’

    Hope it fixed your requirements.

    my link target on a custom menu is opening in the same page, plus a new page

    Let’s bold that: my link target on a custom menu is opening in the same page, plus a new page

    the asp script is probably setting a dom to do a pop up…first, remove the target blank. What happens then?

    Review what an asp page can do. Has nada to do with WordPress.

    when I unclick the option to make the page open in a blank window, then it just opens in the same window. the client wants all pages to open in the same window except the last two dropdowns. all of those links need to open in a separate window. I have it set to open in the same window now. when I click to open in a new window, then I get the 2 pages opening? weird right? got to be a glitch in my code right? could it be something int the menu script messing this up?

    I do not see an error in the menu’s output HTML. What is diferent for this link is that the page being linked to is an Active Server Page.

    <li id="menu-item-595" class="menu-item menu-item-type-custom menu-item-object-custom menu-item-has-children menu-item-595"><a href="">Schooling</a>

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    ASP pages perform server side scripting. You need to consult the folks who created that page (link). That page is ‘saying’ open in same window/tab (or, the browser is opening a popup in a new window/tab)…whichever it is, it’s not due to code on your site other than linking to that page.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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