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  • Hi there,

    I never really looked into the links management section before but i am wondering now what the “rating” of links does and how its used. I’ve been through the codex and found some stuff, but it doesnt quite explain what the rating does.

    I assume its a number (looking at the database default value). But does it indicate the number of clicks? Does it indicate a rating i preset? How and where does it work.

    All i could find in the codex was that the option is there and that the checkmark enables or disables it (duh).

    Soooo could anyone please help me out? Perhaps even add it to the codex in some more detail? THanks a lot!

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  • You may be able to set a rating for a link, but the ability to display them is long removed (I certainly don’t see it in the core).

    According to posts like this one it was used in conjunction with a set of images, but they’re not a part of the installation any longer; and as I said, the source for the various Links Manager template tags don’t seem to offer a way to display ratings, even if there were images.

    Personally, I suspect it was a little used feature the developers decided to pull (mostly), but decided to leave just enough functionality in place if a plugin needed it, one of which I found listed here:

    ah, thanks!

    i have written a custom link showing thing for my theme, so i can just fetch the field from the database.

    Anyway, thanks for the clear reply 🙂

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