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  • I am using WordPress (have not upgraded yet)

    I was hoping to use the Rating setting within Links Manager to display recommended links within a list.

    I have tried using wp_get_links and using the settings within the admin panel to no avail. I also tried using get_links and failed there as well. Nothing ever displays.

    What exactly SHOULD appear if a rating is set? A number? An image?

    What could be wrong?

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  • Just for clarification, link ratings do work.
    What was the code you wanted to use for get_links()? Post it and someone will “fix” it.

    well first I tried using wp_get_links. That function should use the settings that are set within the WordPress admin.

    the code I used for get_links is:

      <?php get_links(’10’, ”, ”, ”, FALSE, ‘id’, TRUE,
      TRUE); ?>

    A set of images were in place to display the ratings. These, and the code to display the ratings were removed a while ago, as part of this change. I think the idea is to use a plugin to display the ratings, if you want to.

    A good idea would be to take a look at an older version of WP prior to 1.5 and copy the images, as well as the template function used to display the links with ratings and then use that in your template.


    I thought I recalled seeing ratings images within the wp-images folder. It was driving me crazy when I found none. I kept thinking I was remembering wrong.

    I will check out the plugin route.

    Thanks Carthik, my memory ain’t what it used to be and I still can’t remember this conversation in the forum, hmmm. Anyhoo, with the changes that have been made wp_get_links() is a bit buggy again (and it took so long to get it to work properly in the first place!)

    Are there any plugins to emulate the old functionality? I tried coping the old images ie links folder and replacing link.php from wp 1.2 mingus to wp 1.5 includes dir it works but the images are not showing …..mmmmm

    anybody know the answer to this one?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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