• New link panel whit internal link discovery is very good, but has a little lack: it needs a checkbox to set if that link is follow or not follow.

    If “nofollow” checkbox is checked, in the HTML appear rel=”nofollow”.
    For SEO appliance maybe good if many rel attributes may appear.


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  • It’s assumed that if YOU are putting in a link for your site, it’s going to be a follow link. Otherwise why else are you linking to it?

    http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/nofollow-links/ may be able to do that for you if you must.

    Usually I can write a post when I speak about something I don’t want to transfer “trust”, but it’s correct to link it. In this case I need nofollow in a contextual link.


    Oh THAT link 🙂 Sorry, I was thinking the blogroll! My bad!

    You wuold need a plugin like TinyMCE advance to manage that from the visual editor.

    @ipstenu: why a pluing. I think maybe a good opportunity for wordpress on the way of seo optimization.

    Things like rel=nofollow or text selection and attribute setting (author, type…) maybe good for everyone needs to web writing right.


    WordPress can’t be all things for all people.

    If you want the fix NOW, it’s a plugin, though, was all my point is 🙂

    Of course. But wordpress born like blog platform and today to blogging right we need to have a platform ready to seo and ready to semantic web (schema.org).

    But maybe it’s only my opinion.

    Schema is about a month old at this point, and WP 3.2 was locked and loaded as far as design went at the time it was announced. Some of that will end up in 3.3 I’m sure.

    You can use a plugin, or use the HTML editor, to put in what you need for now 🙂 The future will change. (I’m not countering your opinion, just giving you a TODAY option is all)

    Oh yes @ipstenu, but I wrote here just to purpose something for new version.

    You had this flagged as ‘Not Resolved’ which means it’s a support question 😉 As it’s not, then I’ve changed it to ‘Not a support question’ 🙂

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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