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  • Resolved Thomas


    So it’s basically what the title says. If I select the box “open in new tab” the link doesn’t open in a new tab, but instead opens in the same tab and puts “new_tab” behind the url.

    How do I fix this?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • andersonmichel


    Same issue!

    Because of javascript dependence, wouldnt be better apply a solution to put a atribbute target=”blank” in post or page link?

    Plugin Author Mark Jaquith


    Can you each show me a page where this is happening? Give me the URL where the link appears, and tell me which link you’ve set to open in a new tab.

    The issue is tricky, because I do not have the ability to add a target attribute to all instance where a link is output. So this #new_tab method is a way for JavaScript code to look for links that should be opened in a new tab and make that happen. But as you’ve discovered, running JavaScript reliably can be difficult.

    Hi Mark, same issue – just installed the plug-in as my client is requesting some posts redirect to source content as opposed to the post content.

    Here’s the sample I set up – “Lingren: Thriving on Collaborative Global Investment” post opens the correct URL – but not in a new tab.

    **edit** – this issue only appears in Chrome (my version – Version 72.0.3626.119)

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    Isn’t it easier to overlay over the page or is it better for ranking and SEO [whiter hat] to do it with this plugin, i.e., pull in content, if I get it right is what this should do?

    Plugin Author Mark Jaquith


    @tekgirlymama Many sites will not let you “iframe” them for security reasons.

    @dburney the “Lingren: Thriving on Collaborative Global Investment” post opens in a new tab for me in Firefox and in Chrome.

    Thanks for your reply. I read Google came out now with a better iFrame solution – <portal src=””></portal> – for embeds with navigation to content.

    I’m having same issue—the #new_tab links are NOT opening in a new window. Also using Chrome, latest version.

    Has there been any resolution to this?

    Hello, I’m having this issue, too with #new_tab behind the URL but it’s not opening in a new tab. Is there a solution?

    Plugin Author Mark Jaquith


    @esloan Can you provide a URL of a page where this is happening, and tell me which link on that page is supposed to be opening in a new tab?



    @markjaquith Sure,

    Here’s one link from my portfolio:

    And this link (along with several others) is not opening in a new tab:

    ^ Instead #new_tab is just added to the URL when it opens in the same tab.
    For some reason, it’s not happening with a couple of the links closer to the top of the Portfolio page, but it’s happening with several at the bottom (although I did the same thing in all cases, just selecting the box in the plug-in to open in a new tab before publishing).

    Thanks for investigating here!

    Plugin Author Mark Jaquith


    @esloan Thank you! People occasionally report this bug, but I haven’t gotten a concrete example of it in the wild. I reproduced it on your site, and more importantly, I know why it’s happening (and it’s an easy fix).

    Fix will be out soon. You can follow along here:



    Hi Mark,

    Any update on this fix? I look at the Github page but I don’t know how to use element.closest(‘a’) to find the parent link element 🙁

    Same problem…on
    The link for “ARC Community Services” with the “Open this link in a new tab” opens (in the same tab) this link: “;

    Thank you,

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