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  • I posted my first link to a product I want to sell on my site from CLICKBANK. Wrote a beautiful article around it, etc. However, the link does not work…help!!!

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  • Can you share a link to the article you are having trouble with? Maybe someone can take a look and give you an idea what might be causing the problem.

    HERE’S a copy of part of my post…let me know if you need anything else…©EMERGENCY MESSAGE: Americans proven to be over-confident and under-prepared lack
    these crucial items – and may not have a chance to buy them later…Are you ready for a crisis? Damian CampbellClick Here! has consistently come up with the latest information to help you survive the next crisis.

    Now with that said, let me clarify. I still consider Damian to be one of the best authorities on the subject, yet in “reviewing the reviewers” on him I noticed some complaints saying his information can be found everywhere without paying for it. That may be true for those of us who have been keeping up with the times(Hey, just trying to keep things HONEST here)
    Hopefully, that will be all someone needs to tell me what I need to do…loliJ…doc

    whoa, after I posted the above, I noticed the code is gone and only “click here” is left…so what is the difference from my site and what I just posted above???



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    the code is gone and only “click here” is left…so what is the difference from my site and what I just posted above?

    forum guidelines for posting code

    in the post I was trying to say that I seemed to have accidentally discovered how to correct my problem..maybe…the process of copying the code and reposting it here got me to the place I need my site to be…mostly…
    so do I need to do that? that doesn’t seem like the way WP should work

    but in order to follow the above here’s the copy from pastebin

    when I click on “Click Here!” after Damian Campbell as posted above I go to his page in Clickbank, which is what I need instead of the error message I get that doesn’t leave my site…help


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    The “click here” link above works for me in IE9.

    I know, like I said the “Click Here!” link works for me also but the Click Here link does not appear in my post on my site..there is only a bunch of code with Click Here in the middle of it…How do I get only the “Click Here” to post on my site?

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    The code, <a href="" target="_top">Click Here!</a>, should be added in the html view or if you are using the visual view, just add the words “Click here” and use the link tool to enter the rest of the info.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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