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    I have some links displayed on the right of all my WP pages on my site. I have just added one. I went through the process of adding it in exactly the same way as previous ones, giving it the next rating and adding it to a current link category. When I look at the links in that category it is there. But it won’t display on the page even after refresh. All other links in that category do display. Could I have missed something here – I’ve checked and re-checked.

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  • Make sure you don’t have a cache plugin, like W3 Total Cache, that keeps displaying an older version of your page (although it usually shows the updated links). Clear the cache if you have it, and clear your browser cache as well.

    The other issue could be that your widget (in the Widgets dashboard page) that displays the links has been set to show a number of links. If it’s set to show 5 links and you’ve added another 2, you are still going to see just 5.

    Thank you. I’ve done the cache deleting on WP Super Cache and in Safari. That didn’t do it. I also tried re-numbering the links ratings from 1 to 4 since they were numbered 2-5 because essentially what would have been no 1 doesn’t exist. That didn’t work.

    Then I got a little lost. Found widgets under ‘appearance’ and saw that the link sidebars were in ‘primary aside’ but I can’t see anywhere a limit to 3 links displayed. Saw that there was no text for my new link in the sidebar though. Also scoured ‘settings’ on dashboard and again found now limit in there. Where should I look next?

    In your Widgets dashboard page (under Appearance), click on the active widget that displays the links in the sidebar. One the widget it’s “opened” see if you have a number limit there.

    If you’re sure it’s not that, maybe your active theme has a number of links to be displayed on the sidebar (check functions.php, sidebar.php and any other file in your theme that might deal with this) and you can change it to a higher number.

    The rating of the links shouldn’t have anything to do with the actual displaying of the links.

    Thanks again. I’ve been looking around in Appearance but I’m a bit out of my depth. I’ve done a screen grab of the Widgets page – should I be dragging anything to the sidebar to edit or open? I’ve also done a screen grab of the WP menu on left. But I don’t seem to be able to add attachments to show you these. Is there a way?

    I just found a setting that I had overlooked – under ‘screen options’ in ‘link categories’ there is an option for ‘show on screen’ and it’s set to 20 link categories but doesn’t seem to specify the number of links each category can display.

    Since ‘Links’ isn’t on the right sidebar in Appearance/Widgets does this mean that it is not active? I am confused as to where links are edited – not sure if it is in the links set up (in which case I don’t know why it hasn’t been working) or in primary aside in appearance/widgets but that would entail html editing and it looks a bit daunting!

    Philip, I’m gonna need to know your
    – WP version
    – theme
    – plugins you have installed
    – how your Widget dashboad page looks like (screenshot / screengrab)

    For showing screenshots, upload the images on Flickr, imageshack, or and link to those images from here. I’m not sure what are the rules for embedding images so just point us to them if you can.
    You cannot add attachments to this forum.

    I’m just a bit confused about the “Screen Options” thing; where is that?

    I think I’ve finally got there with some help from the designer who did the original work on my site – he’d done the links all in code on the primary aside and didn’t use the links set up at all. I then managed to add that link eventually with lots of tweaks to make it work. Thanks so much for your help. I really appreciate that.

    That’s good to know, Philip. No worries.

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