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  • The Links Page download is now here:

    This is what I like – someone asks – someone delivers 🙂

    Great stuff and a great plug-in

    hi, i have just installed the link page plugin on my website: but when i want to switch the categories, it always go back to all categories, so nothing changes and all my links are on the same page.
    if somebody could tell me what i did wrong or not.
    thanks and cheers,

    Works fabulously fine for me. I’ve been racking my limited brain for ages trying to figure a way of doing this without tables … now with three clicks it’s done!

    Ringmaster, you’re my hero!

    Just another 2 thoughts, Ringmaster. Would it be possible to somehow have a heading inserted above the links in each category so that people looking at “all” categories could easily see the different types on the one page? Also, is there some way of removing certain categories from the drop-down list?

    Hope this isn’t a pain … your plugin rocks!

    Wow jsut starting up a page, wanted to have a links page…google search…WHAM!!! Thanks for the plugin, now I do wonder about how to get headers into it.

    excellent, thank you!

    I really like this plugin, because I have so many links on my site, in several categories. One of them is my blogroll. At the moment the plugin sorts all categories by name. However I want my blogroll to be sorted by updated and the other categories by name. Is it possible that I can add a code to the plugin so it does this?

    Am I the only one to have trouble with this plugin? Wp 1.5, php 4.3, apache 2.

    I created a page, and inside i have:
    <br />
    'This is our collection of links for information on Boxers, General Dog care, and other useful web links.


    And all i get is the line, and a drop down, with “all catagories”, though I have several links in about 3 catagories, but when i click change with the only option selected, it does nothing.

    and i get this in the page where the select field is:
    <br />
    <form id="linkcatselect" method="post"><select name="linkcat"><option value="-1">All Categories</option></select><input type="submit" id="linkcatsubmit" value="Change" /></form><dl id="linklist"></dl>

    Hmm… already an old thread, but here is a reply anyway.

    I am the maintainer of the application called ‘brim’ (formerly known as booby) which has a bookmark plugin. These bookmarks have notion of visibility (either private or public) and public bookmarks can be embedded in a webpage.

    Take a look here to see how:

    Anyone interested in having a wordpress plugin that enables public bookmarks in wordpress? The downside of this ‘public bookmarks’ is the fact that you would need to install brim on the same machine as wordpress…


    Ok, the plugin is created. For more info:



    Check the plugins->wordpress section on the brim-project page for more information on installation and configuration.

    Now I only need to find out how to omit my blogroll category from this list… And find out how to only dosplay the blogroll in my sidebar. Any suggestion?

    Oh – here is something that might be obvious to many, but not to a newbie like me: If you are using a WYSIWYG editor, remember to switch to HTML before adding the code…

    Absolutely fantastic plugin Ringmaster. 3 cheers for that!!! Just one question to everyone who has used it which is how I do I style it now? I can’t seem to apply my CSS style sheet to it. Do I have to edit the source file for this.

    Thanks once again for the brilliant stuff!!

    Just use a an include tag and an editable page. Works like a charm.

    there is a incompatibility with another plug-in: Link Page v1.0 won’t work if you have Kimili Flash Embed (v0.3) installed/activated. maybe there will be a fix sometime?

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