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    I’ve got lots of links in my tables, but I’d like them to open in a new window when clicked. How do I do that? Thanks!

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    Hello @yourtriphere,
    1. You can add target tag on links.
    or You can add JS on custom JS tab on ninja tables for adding the link attribute on the table.

    JS Code will be be like this:

    $table.find('a').attr('target', '_blank')

    First, thanks for the super fast reply!
    Second, I don’t speak code, so bear with me. I opened “Custom CSS/JS” on my table. It just has a “1”. Do I put the code you gave me in that spot? And then all my links will each open in a new window?
    Thank you!

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    Yes, If you add the code in custom js tab of Ninja Tables then that code basically find all the links and make it open in new tab.


    Ah, I see now that I have to upgrade to Pro for that. I’ll probably end up doing it because that feature is nice to have. Thank you for your help!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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