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link in a image description

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    Plugin Author afzal_du


    Your wordpress SEO plugin (built in or 3rd party) is removing the GET variable.
    so the link
    is becoming
    and hence the plugin is not getting the id of the individual album and loading the first level gallery view.

    I think it can be fixed from your SEO plugin or permalink setup. I didn’t used any SEO plugin or experimented with the default permalink setup much so can’t tell anymore about it.

    Plugin Author afzal_du


    Just played with an SEO plugin “Yoast WordPress SEO”.
    I found that, under this plugin’s permelink settings (admin menu->SEO->permalink) if I check the checkbox “Redirect ugly URL’s to clean permalinks. (Not recommended in many cases!)” then I get the same problem.
    If that’s the case in your site you just need to uncheck that option.

    in my Yoast WordPress SEO the checkbox of permalink is unchecked!
    Just in settings-> permalink of wordpress i set the /name of article/.

    So, for other problem of the link in a description of image; there is a solution?

    Thank you very mutch

    Plugin Author afzal_du


    The description is passed into the title attribute of the link
    for example
    <a title=”description here”
    so if your description has some ‘keywords’ like ‘”‘ then it might cause problem.

    Since I couldn’t check the individual albums from the link you gave above I couldn’t check the description.
    Please give me a link to the album page and also mention which thumb/image I need to check.

    I have in alla description of image a link to dropbox image:

    this is one of the images in facebook that have a links in a description


    Posted by Le strade Italiane più belle da Percorrere in Moto on Monday, April 29, 2013

    Plugin Author afzal_du


    I was expecting the link to your site’s album where it’s causing the problem.

    Plugin Author afzal_du


    btw, I think it’s the

    on your description that’s breaking the html… not the links
    you should remove those or use single quote ( ‘ ) only… no double quote!

    Now the permalink rewrite is disable but the problem there is too


    Plugin Author afzal_du


    yes.. it’s removing the id parameter! 🙁
    can’t assume what’s doing that!
    In my server I tried Yoast plugin and checking/unchecking that checkbox created/solved the problem.
    There might be some other plugin (or the theme itself may have some feature of cleaning url)

    The problem isn’t ” but in other images there are the same problem but in a description there aren’t ”

    Antonio Borrasi5° Classificato Motofurgone 2013Motivazione:Per la Sicilia con furore, ops, "Col Furgone": apprezzato…

    Posted by Le strade Italiane più belle da Percorrere in Moto on Monday, April 22, 2013

    Ok i have resolved the problem of variables in a link! Now it work 🙂

    Now i need to resolve link problem! Thank you very mutch

    Hi afzal_du,
    I wait to resolve my problem with the links in a description of the photos. May you help me?
    Thank you so much.

    Plugin Author afzal_du


    I still believe it’s the “
    you gave an example link saying it doesn’t have ” in it

    but notice that you have ” on the 3rd line of description
    …………. “Col Furgone”:

    replace all the ” with ` or something like that… after that go to wordpress backend -> FB album menu and resync the albums/gallery … it should solve the problem

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