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  • I’d like to link an image thumbnail to show the content that’s after the <!–more–> tag.

    Here’s how it is now:
    1. Thumbnail image.
    2. Post text.
    3. <more> tag.
    4. 15 more images.

    I’d like it so that clicking the thumbnail image takes me to the 15 images shown after the tag.

    The more I research this, the more I get confused on what to search for.


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  • Is the thumbnail image actually inserted into the post content or is it a featured image type of setup that displays the thumbnail through the theme?

    If the former you can manually do this by clicking on the thumbnail in the post, then clicking on the Insert/Edit link button in the toolbar. Then search for the current post you are on and click it. It should display the front end URL for that post. At the end of the url, remove the last / if it has one and insert #more-{ID of post here} onto the URL.

    You can find the post ID by looking at the address bar in your browser for the number after ?post=. So if you see ?post=20 in the address bar an example URL that you would use for the image link is

    If the thumbnail is being displayed through the theme just wrap it in the anchor tag and grab the post ID and append it to the end.

    The thumb is inserted into the post.

    I’ll try you suggestion and see if my walnut brain can get it to work.

    Thanks for your reply.

    I am looking at a post which is scheduled for tomorrow. I’m not sure where to add the #more-{ID of post} code snippet.

    The Insert/Edit button doesn’t seem obvious to me. If I bring up the post in Visual and click the image, then click the “Edit Image” icon in the pic, then change the URL there… I get a directory listing when the post is previewed.

    Also, should the brackets {} be included with the suggested text?


    I’m not sure if it would work for scheduled posts, probably not.

    No, you don’t want the brackets in there. So it would just be

    Rather than fretting over this seemingly petty issue, I’ve decided to make the image unclickable. That’s why the <more> is there in the first place.

    Thanks for your concern.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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