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  • I installed the link havest plug-in and have run into a problem, though I’m not sure it’s all having to do with the plug-in.

    When I tell it to do the initial harvest, it shows that there are only 397 posts and pages to search- I have well over 1,000 posts on my blog. Then (if I get really lucky) it shows that it has checked through 30 posts and then says it’s done. The links output shows a handful of links, most very old, but most of the time it doesn’t show any progress and the progress “bar” just disappears like it is finished, showing that no links were found at all.

    I’m using WP 2.3.1 and would love to make functional use out of this plug-in if at all possible. Any suggestions for me to try? I’m also on a dial-up connection if that may have anything to do with it, though I doubt it does.

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