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  • I have a new problem since this morning. When adding a link in my post I get somthing like a href=””\””>Procedimiento /a (the starting a and the ending /a are ok, I had to modify them to make the line visible. I have tried many ways to get the link right. Even using the html editor. It is ok until I save or publish. Then it gets a sort of wrapping. The right link is This only happens on the remote server. When I build the same link on my local server, with the link facility or directly, it is ok. No wrapping.
    I searched for forum posts with “link” and there seems to be some relation with some particular posts but I would like to now if this is something knew. See, I have many old posts with links in them running with no problem but now I don’t dare to edit any of them because the problem may happen when I save the post.
    Have you seen this problem or know of some reference?
    PD. What is a backtick? How i can type one?


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  • i just started getting a very similar problem last night when i was saving posts with a link to a small thumbnail photo in them . the link gets tweiked like you describe in your post, or it gets a bunch of slashes inserted into it . . . like this:
    <img alt=”\”SpaScapes\”” title=”\”SpaScapes\”” src=”″ />please work

    good luck figuring it out, ill post if i find any solutions. .. ..peace

    Try the WordPress 2.0.3 Tuneup plugin. It should fix your issue

    not working for me
    tried to activate tuneup plugin and got message:
    Warning: in_array(): Wrong datatype for second argument in C:\Sites\Single22\grides33\webroot\wordpress\wp-admin\plugins.php on line 100
    same original problem though, everytime i press save it adds sets of slashes wherever there are ” marks..?

    Hi Nazgul,

    When I activate this pluging other plugins get deactivated. When I reactivate the deactivated plugins this one gets deactivated. Sort of a toggle switch. Is that the way it should happen?
    Please advise.


    Hi gride,

    We may have a bigger problem in hour hands. This was my conversation minutes ago with my host support (Brinkster).

    Tim: You will need to upgrade WordPress. We just patched a security hole within MySQL yesterday and WordPress seems to not like the fix.
    Tim: Please view the following link:

    I saw the link. It may just be in greek for me.



    thanks juan, im on brinkster too, they like to make things more challenging than some of the other hosts ive used, but i got this crazy 3 gig lifetime hosting deal from them so i gotsta deal with it. ill see if i can find the solution and post it ……………thanks and peeeeeeeeaaacce

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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