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  1. justlearninghelp
    Posted 2 years ago #

    When I link something in my homepage post, the link doesn't work on the Home page. -- If I click on the home page title/post under RECENT POSTS in the sidebar it does appear on that page, BUT I really need it to link on the Home Page.

    The words that are linked are "Get Tickets"
    the site is http://officialstanduptour.com

    Any help is appreciated - thanks

  2. Adam Czajczyk
    Posted 2 years ago #


    It you mean the phrase "Get Tickets" that's placed on the "featured" box on the page, just on the left to the main video... This link doesn't work because the phrase isn't linked at all! Seriously, take a look at the page source (HTML code) and you'll see for yourself.

    Anyway, there are different possible reasons for that, like for example:

    1) you simply did not linked the phrase
    2) some plugin has filtered the content
    3) the whole text is printed as an excerpt.

    i guess the 3rd is most likely. To fix it first login into your dashboard and check if that whole text is rightly linked in the editor. If it is, you might need to check your theme file:

    - locate the file for homepage template
    - find the source code that displays that particular block with text
    - if there's the_excerpt() function just replace it with the_content()

    hope that helps

  3. justlearninghelp
    Posted 2 years ago #

    it turned out this was part of a widget (I did not set up the site) but I only figured that out and knew what to do to change it by your directions above.
    Thank you so VERY MUCH! I appreciate you taking the time to help me!

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