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  • I’d like my link descriptions to show up as tooltips, but not be displayed inline on my page. Is there a way to do this?

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  • i believe the description comes in the tool tip!
    you can disable the inline comment from the backend. category properties…

    Are you talking about something like this?

    Well, no (although that’s a cool effect.)
    Here’s what I’m talking about. If I add a link through link manager, and also type a description in the appropriate field, on the index page it’s displaying both a tool tip that contains the description, as well as displaying that same information next to the actual link text.
    MyLinkToCoolPage (followd in italics with:) MyDescriptionofCoolPage
    That is what I’d like to eliminate, while keeping the tool tip.
    Sushubh, that almost sounds like what I’m talking about, but you’d need to give me a bit more specific info than that, please. 🙂

    In the admin GUI, go to Link Categories and you can choose whether or not to display the descriptions.

    Yes, of course. But if I turn it off, it doesn’t display the tooltip, either.

    Doesn’t it show, when you hover over the link?

    Listen, I’m not a complete idiot. I have a basic understanding of how WP works through the admin interface. So whatever my problem is with this, it’s probably not something obvious like, ‘turn on link descriptions’ or ‘type IN a description’, etc.
    *getting cranky, so I apologize to those trying to help*

    I’m right there with you, girl!

    Yes…your link list is exactly what I *don’t* want. I want the tooltip, but not the description underneath. *SIGH*

    Actually, Craig, your links are doing exactly what I want. How’d you set it up? Maybe I *am* a complete idiot missing something obvious. 😉

    Yeah I just double checked this on the sandbox and they’re showing up in the tooltips, as they should from the code. Make sure that you are including wp-includes/links.php and not the old links.php or something.

    Arg! Okay, got it figured out finally. Thanks to all who helped; Sushubh, your last edit, while not a complete answer, finally pointed me in the right direction.
    To others who would like to display tooltips over their links, without also displaying a description underneath the link, here’s what you have to do:
    In the ‘manage links’ section, you have to have a description entered for the link.
    In the ‘link categories’ section, you have to have ‘desc’ set to NO. (Uncheck the ‘description’ box, as Sushubh says above.)
    Simple as that, but rather counterintuitive.

    Never mind, was stuck on the very same thing. Is there a no-hack way to display a links image _and_ name (but _not_ it’s description…)?

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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