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  • I have been looking for a post regarding using the website link box to be the link that my event goes to when clicked on. I know it can be done as I have seen it on another site, but was not sure if anyone has seen any documentation regarding this? To sum it up I want to disable the post link feature & have the website box link override.

    Additionally I could not find this either. Is there a way to get all the categories to display on page? It would almost be a reference guide to see all the past & present categories.

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  • Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Hi there verdipro. Happy to help you out best I can here.

    On the first point: so you’re saying, you want to have the event title – when clicked from the widget, list or calendar – to go someplace other than the event entry? Or am I confused? If you can confirm, I’ll do what I can to point you in the right direction there (though that is admittedly a bit outside the scope of what we can provide personalized support on here).

    To get all the categories to display on the page: if you’re talking within the individual event entry, that should happen by default…any categories to which the post is assigned, will appear within the entry. Is that not happening on your site? If not, any chance you’ve got a link so I can check it out directly?

    Thanks in advance, and for your patience / support so far.

    Thanks for the reply. And no problem if it is support that you cannot provide on this, as I do not want to take someone out of the typical support scope. If I need to upgrade to the paid plugin I can do that, just testing out the plugin first to see if it will work for what I need.

    As for the event title, the site is:, so that if you click on essex county on the left, right now it takes you to the post. Where as I want it to take you to a link I set in the web site box when I add the listing. I know it can be done since I have seen it here: on the right side of this page. I just have had no luck so far changing it around.

    On this page: it looks like they have the past events in a new custom template. I was hoping to take my past events a step further in that it is almost a one page sitemap of all the categories. So if there are 10 categories all those categories are listed on the page with their event underneath (or even clickable to another page). Not sure if that made sense, but I have not seen it out there, so not sure if it is able to be created, unless I am missing something, which is likely.

    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Hey verdipro. Thanks for confirming as much – luckily I talked to Jonah from our team, and he has advised folks on this before. He said he can take a look here and point you in the right direction on the event title issue. Stay tuned on that end.

    I’m not sure about the categories issue; I haven’t seen that one before, but have you checked whether you can accomplish that via the template tags we’ve got documented at ? That should help you out but let us know if not.

    Hi verdipro,

    You can change the links in this widget by making a copy of /wp-content/plugins/the-events-calendar/views/events-list-load-widget-display.php and placing in an ‘events’ folder in your active theme. Then open up the copy and find line 57 – that’s where the link is created. So you would just need to add some conditional code here to check for your other link and use that instead.

    Does that help?

    – Jonah

    @roblagatta, thanks for the feedback. I am going to check out the documentation for the past events area. I am sure that I will find what I need in there.

    @jonahcoyote, thanks for the help. I have tried the code in 2 ways:
    <div class=”event”>
    “><?php echo $post->post_title ?>

    and also:
    <div class=”event”>
    “><?php echo $post->post_title ?>

    However, when I do this it with “event” as the function it does not change anything. If I use “organizer” as the function it breaks the link & shows up as Title Name”>

    The link I am trying to pull from is in the Event Organizer Details.

    @roblagatta & @jonahcoyote

    Thanks again for the help. I did figure out the linking issue on the homepage & have that all fixed.

    I unfortunately did not figure out getting the categories to show in a site map type format on a “past events” type page. Hopefully will have that figured out soon & will post back about that.

    1 additional question:
    Is there a way to get the day, date & time zone to appear on the widget listings? So that instead of it saying Thursday, January, it will say Thur, Jan & then EST since I am in the eastern time zone?

    Hi verdipro, I don’t understand the code you posted for the widget. Can you please post the code to

    To display what you want for the date and time zone, you can take advantage of the PHP date format to display whatever you want:

    I hope that helps,
    Jonah is what I used for events-list-load-widget-display.php is what I used for functions.php

    Excellent I will test out the php parameters link.

    Hi verdipro,

    Unfortunately I don’t have the PHP skills to be able to decipher the link you are trying to use. You’ll need to work it out on your own. Good luck!

    – Jonah

    @jonahcoyote, no problem at all, I will figure it out. I will leave the topic open for the time being & once I have it resolved will post back in here so others can use it in the future as well.

    Sounds good verdipro, thanks!

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