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  • Context:
    800+ bookmarks have been migrated from Delicious into the links manager. Like custom post types, I’d like link categories to have an archives page and human readable permalink.

    Example for category “WordPress”:
    Permalink would be set to =
    And would have 100+ links ordered by my choice.

    I’ve been perusing my couple of pro WP dev. books and the codex without much luck.

    Going through the template hierarchy it looks like a category.php template will kick in before archives.php, but in my case category.php always gets bypassed.

    Additionally, I assume that I need to use taxonomy_exists(‘link_category’); as a conditional statement in archives/template.php, correct?

    I’ve considered bypassing the links manager and going with a custom post type, but migrating 800 bookmarks by hand is not something I want to right now. I did try some post type switchers, but nothing worked to do the whole batch at once.


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  • More info:
    I’m using two ways to pull and display these categories.

    1) With a tag cloud which presents a permalink like so

    <?php wp_tag_cloud('smallest=10&largest=36&taxonomy=link_category&orderby=count'); ?>

    2) Using the Codex supplied get_terms example for an alphabetical listing with counts which presents a permlink based on the category name but returns a 404 with a url lik so

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