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    Ah, someone with the exact same question I have. Does anyone know how to change the order in which the LINK CATEGORIES are displayed? There’s clearly not a way to do it from the links admin page, so is there a way to change the code to accomplish this?

    You can work-around this limitation by adding SPACES in front of the list category names. The more spaces, the higher the category.
    For example, if you put two spaces in front of a category name called “Recipes”, then put one space in front of a category called “Friends”. The “SPACE/SPACERecipes” category will now appear in the list above ” SPACEFriends”.
    And no, the spaces won’t show up on your page 😉

    A more correct and easier way of doing this would be to use the category tag to arrange the order of display.

    Well… it’s more “correct” but there’s no way that it’s “easier”. 😛

    Hmm… On second look, I’m not even sure how this could be done with the category tag. The list_cats tag only allows you to sort categories by name or ID number. It doesn’t allow for sorting by personal preference as the SPACE method does.
    Could you explain your method of sorting categories by tag?

    Yes – when first entering your categories, you should do so in the order you want them in. A little thought when you first set things up saves a lot of trouble later. 🙂

    2fargon: Ohhhh, gotcha! 😉 Looks like we were each just referring to different types of sorting. I thought maybe you had figured out a way to sort by preference using the tags. Your way is certainly best for sorting by name, and I think my method may be the only way to sort by preference.

    I have somewhat addressed the issue in this thread:

    PS, so far i haven’t created a plugin to solve it yet.

    That’s my question too — need a way to sort the display of ‘Link Categories’ (not talking about sorting the individual links). It would be nice to be able to sort them by ID number.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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