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    Hey, Whenever I create a new category it appears under the previous one, is there anyway to change the order?

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  • Do you mean like in the category list in your sidebar? There are a couple ways to sort the list. How do you want it?

    Got to give a little help to get a little help – like a well formed thread title and clear description. I think you got it, oriecat. Look for the link tag you are using in the codex and therein will be explained, quite well, all you can do to sort your links and link categories. No sense repeating it here unless you run into trouble.

    The default is by ID, hence each new one showing up after the previous one entered.

    I mean how the affiliates is higher than the navigation bar here I dont know what you mean, do you mean in admincp change the formatting or what? where do i go under the admincp, cause I just got wordpress

    i want the navigation at top

    oh sorry i meant the link categories

    What template tag are you using now?

    do you mean like this?
    Before Between After

?? or do you mean theme, im using default


You don’t need to yell. It’s rude.

I mean what template tag is in your sidebar.php that creates the list… is it <?php get_links_list();?> or <?php wp_get_links();?> or what?

Would this sound right? <?php get_links_list(); ?>

You have two choices for sorting link categories when using get link list, ID or Name. And they can be reversed. So if you want them in reverse order change your tag to `<?php get_links_list(‘_name’); ?>

I did change it to `<?php get_links_list(‘_name’); ?> and it didnt work

never mind i ftped wrong, thanks a bunch, solved

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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