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  • Hello
    I’m using different classes for lists in the Link Categories, so in the “After” formatting, I left the default, which is </li>. And in the “Before” formatting, I’ve added different classes, for example: <li class="blogs"> (since I have different list-styles)

    But it’s not adding those classes, I check the source and it’s always <li> for all the links.

    I didn’t edit any php files, so I think it was suppose to work since it’s something in the wordpress “cpanel” area.

    I don’t know if this is a bug or it’s just my files, if anyone could help me.
    Thanks in advance.

    added: I also tried changing themes, default and classic and it’s not a problem from there, since it doesn’t add the classes either
    might be from links.php in wp-includes folder

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  • This is really troublesome.
    Well, looking in my links.php, in the end is something like this:

    //Display the category name
    echo ' <li id="linkcat-' . $cat['link_category'] . '"><h2>' . $cat['cat_name'] . "</h2></li>n";
    // Call get_links() with all the appropriate params
    // Close the last category
    echo "";

    in the 6th line, where it’s
    is actually where I wanted the $before.
    I don’t know PHP very well, but I understand some logic, the first <li> should have some variable I think.. the one getting the $before, how can I do that?

    Well I got help from outside, this $before is only for before the headings in the categories name, I guess. Or is something related, but it’s not doing anything anyway that before and after

    Is there anyway to have different classes (for CSS) in the lists (<li>) of each link, inside each category?

    Well it hacls the core, but to get the functionality you want (and I wanted) is fairly simple. Change the following 2 lines in links.php.

    Line 552:


    Line 533:

    sort_desc, list_limit
    sort_desc, list_limit, text_before_link, text_after_link, text_after_all

    Now the before and after tags you put into link categories will show up in the code for each link in that category.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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