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  • Hi… I’m slowly setting up my site with WordPress – As I’m not using the blogroll functionality (it doesn’t suit my purposes, and I have someone writing a plugin for me that will do what I need instead), the whole “Link categories” element of the manage submenu on the dashboard is redundant.

    I don’t want to actually alter the wordpress core code, but I would like to simply remove the “link categories” submenu from the dashboard for all users – one less unnessecary redundant item makes it less daunting and difficult for technically uninclined users to get their heads around.

    I’ve tried going down the custom roles route with the plugins [role scoper] and [role manager], but niether seems able to set (ie, remove) permissions specifically for the links categories panel…

    …Does anybody know of a way to remove this link from the dashboard?

    Krissie xx

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  • Oops… apologies for the double post, but to get it in quick before it looks like I’m bumping it…

    …I forgot to mention, I tried using the plugin [Dashboard Editor] too, but it doesn’t have an option to remove it.

    You can edit your original posts for a few minutes after submitting – which means no need for “additional” remarks.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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