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  • I’m racking my brain, trying to figure out how I could add Link Categories to the Menus manager, along side Custom Links, Pages, and Categories (blog).
    I have a site that uses a ton of outside links, and the current Link Manager feature is a great way to manage them all, allowing for several custom Link Categories. However, the only other feature that seems to put these to use is the Links widget.
    I would like to be able to add Link Categories to my custom menu from the Menus manager, just as you would add blog Categories. Furthermore, it be even more amazing if I could add the individual links to the menu, as well, so they would drop down below their category.
    I realize you can get the same effect using the Custom Links feature, but then you wouldn’t be getting much out of the Link Manager.
    I think this would be a handy new feature for everyone to have. I’m also interested in any suggestions for how I might hack it in.
    Thanks for your time!

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  • I’m not as familiar with this as I probably should be *ahem*

    When you add categories, it goes to a page for that category, though, right? It doesn’t add an auto-updating list of all your cats, correct?

    Sorry – I realize it’s confusing to talk about, as the keywords links, categories, menus, get tossed around a lot.
    Appearance > Menus features those built-in admin widgets for Pages, Custom Links, and Categories.
    Custom Links are fine for the occasional external link.
    Categories is referring to blog categories, only.
    Adding a category to the menu here will enable a page for that blog category.
    Similarly, I want another admin widget that offers the Link Category feature found in the Links Manager.
    Ideally, adding a links category to the menu would enable a page that displayed that category’s links.

    It seems like each of the necessary functions already exist somewhere, but they don’t all work together in this way.

    Create a custom page template that contain the links you want to display – either by using wp_list_bookmarks or by making the new template widget-capable. Create a new Page, apply the new template to it and publish. Ba-boom – a Links category page.

    Thanks so much, esmi! That’s an astonishingly simple way to take care of a large part of the task.
    Sorry to say, I’m still in search for the ideal solution –to incorporate this idea into the Menu manager, in order to select separate pages for each link-category, and hopefully even a dropdown of the each category’s links in the main menu.
    I fee like I could figure this out if only I knew where to find 3 bits of code.
    Can anyone help me find any of the following?…
    1. the file that creates Appearance > Menus.
    2. the string of code that either pulls in, or creates the blog Categories widget found in Appearance > Menus.
    3. the string of code that creates the Links Categories/Bookmarks/Blogroll widget found in Appearance > Widgets.
    It seems like with this info, you could “simply” insert a new widget into the Menu manager. Is this a realistic approach?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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