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  • This is a catastrophy

    I have been trying to add some link categories I get a report that there is a database error

    Now I get the screen to start a new WordPress site, which I also get if I try to access the site as a viewer (which is wonderful for visitors and security) as well as if I try to access admin

    I have tried dropping the database and restoring from a backup – to no avail.

    What the hell do I do !! there is something seriously wrong with the link categories part of things

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  • I suppose it is too much to expect the WordPress development team to give a useful answer to this problem.

    I somehow managed to get my site running again, and stripped out some plugins that I thought might be causing the problem.

    I have just been trying to edit links again. To begin with, they don’t save properly and now – lo and behold I am shut out of the site again with a database crash… Specifically I was trying to delete a link.

    Wish someone would get it right – and maybe think about developing sub-categories for links while they are at it.

    Hello !!!
    Is anyone out there ?
    This problem continues to recur.
    Any taxonomy editing – tags, categories… causes database crash

    I get WP installation page, which means something has corrupted the dbase so that WP doesn’t know where it is anymore…

    Any suggestions as to why ?

    It happens since upgrading to 2.8




    your complaints are vague (believe it or not) and you

    .. . fail to provide ANY relevant hosting environment details.
    … dont give error message details.

    WHAT do you expect or even anticipate anyone being able to do for you?

    How about looking in your mysql logs?

    There are NO ERROR MESSAGES just the WP install page.

    What environment details would be relevant? (and where would I find them)
    As far as I can make out, I don’t have access to an SQL log file, which is one hosting environment detail I suppose.

    All I know is that the only way to restore things is to drop all tables and import the backup.

    I also think that the problem seems to be related to taxonomy modification.

    Repair your database tables (see How do you repair a MySQL database table?)

    Deactivate all plugins

    Try to create the errors. Ask your host if they have any logs that can highlight the problem.

    What seems to have cured it is turning off the keyword module in Headspace – or rather configuring it to use tags as keywords. Will see if I continue to get normal function.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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