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    I’m having an issue thats driving me nuts, and can’t figure it out after 2 days on google. my main menu buttons dont work. I have done alot of the things I’ve read clearing cache and such. On my computer it works on safari, and fire fox but does not work on chrome. On others computer it works on firefox chrome and doesnt work on safari.
    when the link is pressed, it shows the url change to the links url but the screen does nothing. If i manually punch in the url for the page it just links back to my home page

    here is a link to the site

    I’m a graphic design and not a web developer, I have basic Html skills and near nothing when it comes to PHP

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  • I would discuss above with your Theme provider.

    That said, if recent site updates, clear local browser cache.

    Chris Olbekson


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    This is what happens when themes rely on jQuery for everything instead of normal html and css. It looks like there is some sort of browser detection going on which is throwing errors in chrome loading some stuff from YouTube. This causes the rest of the javascript to not function properly.

    You need to contact your theme vendor like Seacoast mentions above.

    Hey guys thanks for the info, I’ll check with the theme provider didnt really think they gave support but will check in with them. I think your right chris because about 20 mins ago just noticed that if I make a manual link taking out http//:www. that the links work.

    Thanks for the quick response guys

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