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    I’m helping a friend set up a podcast through his blog. We are running into 3 problems.

    1. The podcasts do not appear on the home page (have to go to /podcast) or in the main WP RSS feed.

    2. The podcasts do not appear in the Podcast widget in the sidebar.

    3. The RSS feed is reported as invalid by We get a validation error using either the standard feed link or iTunes feed link displayed at the bottom of the Settings > Podcast page ( At first, we were getting an error on the <description> line, so I removed the ampersand. But we still get an <unknown> error.

    I hope we can use this plugin. Assuming we get past these issues, where is documentation on the shortcodes and template tags for customizing templates?


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  • Plugin Contributor Hugh Lashbrooke


    Hi there,

    To answer your queries:

    1. This is the way the plugin is designed. It is meant to be separated from blog content as I found that this is the most popular need for most podcast users. In the future I may add this is an option on the settings page. You can also modify your home page feed yourself using the ‘pre_get_posts’ filter and add the podcast post type into it.

    2. I have tested this out and the podcast appears correctly for me. There is no bug here that I can see. Perhaps you are expecting something that it isn’t designed to do?

    3. One other user has reported similar issues with their feed validation, however whenever I test it on my side I get no problems aside from a few warnings that won’t cause actual feed validation errors. I have tried this out with as many different combinations of settings as possible and I am completely unable to reproduce the error. This leads me to believe that the error is being caused by plugin or theme conflicts. Having said that, I have fixed up the warnings that feed validation tools sometimes return and I will publish those in v1.1.3 of the plugin that I will release later today – this will automatically update in your WP dashboard.

    Because this is a FREE plugin I have not written documentation on how to implement shortcodes and template tags. I may put some docs together in the future, but I cannot give you an ETA on anything like that.

    We’re using Twentyeleven with SSP as the only active plugin.

    It’s interesting that I get different validation results (both with errors) using (results)
    vs. (results)

    Regarding the latter: we have filled in the duration on the Edit Episode page; there is no way to enter a type; the URL looks just fine and I don’t understand the validator’s error here.

    The plain-vanilla does validate.

    I had misunderstood what All Series ment in the widget. I was expecting a list of recent podcasts unrestricted to a particular series. Now that I have created a series, I see how it works.

    I see a File Size field was added. What format do I need to use there (e.g., “59.6MB”)?


    Plugin Contributor Hugh Lashbrooke


    Hi there,

    If you are using Twentytwelve and no other plugins then there may be something that I have overlooked, but for all my testing I have been unable to reproduce these errors. I’ll do what I can to work it out and get these issues squashed.

    As for the feed URL – you must use the ones supplied on the podcast settings page. The default WordPress feed URL (/podcast/feed) will not work and will definitely not validate properly (so you can ignore the validation errors there as you will not be using that feed URL), which is why I created the custom feed templates for this plugin. This is due to limitations in the WordPress feed system.

    The file size field will automatically be calculated when you save the episode (provided you leave the field blank). However, sometimes the size cannot be calculated correctly for a number of different server-related reasons – in this case you can fill it in yourself in whatever format you like (whatever you type in will be displayed on the site, so make it something readable like the example you gave here).

    I might change the wording for the widget to make it more clear – I also have plans to make the widget more versatile, but new features like that will only come in later versions. Right now my main focus is on getting these feed validation errors sorted out completely as that is the main thing causing issues right now. It only seems to be affecting a very small amount of people, but it is still very important.

    I’ll post an update here once I’ve made some progress.

    Plugin Contributor Hugh Lashbrooke


    I have just released v1.1.4 of the plugin and it will hopefully contain all the fixes you need. I am still unable to reproduce your feed errors on my side, so fixing it is very challenging – I have, however, done everything I can think of to make sure these feeds validate now.

    If you could please post on here with your feed validation results that would be very useful. That being said – if you do continue to experience problems then I would lean towards it being a server issue on your side where your server is not generating the XML correctly. Either that or when you are adding the audio file to your episodes you are not adding a valid file, but that would be unlikely I think.

    The v1.1.4 update should be available from within your WordPress dashboard very soon.

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