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  • Hello,
    I just switched to WP – it is excellent, and it is free – thank you 🙂
    I’ve a customer that would like to have it installed, but would like to remove the link to WP’s site. I was wondering if there is a way, if he pays something or makes a donation, to do this. Or is it simply impossible ?
    Thanks for letting me know, hand have a wonderful week-end !

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  • I doubt it’s possible, but if it is, I would start by reading the GPL, the license WP is released under. In addition, if you read the readme that comes with every WP, you will notice in the requirements: … and a link to on your site.
    For the technicality nazis, yes it does say “recommendations”, but that’s simply a misnomer.

    Hello, thank you for your answer.
    I’m going to re-read carefully the GPL license.
    For the requirements, yes I saw that, that’s exactly the reason for me asking. Personally, I would never remove a credit where it’s due – but lots of scripts give the permission to buy a “no credit” license, that’s why I was wondering it – if it isn’t possible, well I’ll tell him it is not 😉

    mail matt, he would be the best guy to answer this!

    Ok, thank you, I’m going to serach his e-mail adress.

    There is no legal requirement you have the link. You can do what you want.

    I don’t believe the GPL can enforce an attribution requirement. There are other licenses that can however, like Creative Commons licenses. With GPL you can modify the source, and continue to happily use the software. That link to this site is just another part of the source you can modify/remove.
    That said, its common courtesy to link back to the people who gave you the ability to do the cool stuff you are doing. Not a requirement, but just good ethics.
    If you wanted to be nice, you could make a free-will donation to the WP project (using the donate link at the top of the page). I’m sure that would absolve you of any bad karma from removing the link. 😉

    I’m sure that would absolve you of any bad karma from removing the link.
    :p I still think linking to wordpress from a small image or a text link wont do much harm to any site!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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