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    Hi Steven,

    Starting a new thread for your proposed “Lines” theme for single-line results. You had mentioned a March 2013 release date in a prior post and I hadn’t heard back about an update from a request about week ago, so I thought I’d start a new thread for ease of others trying to find more info. Previous post:

    Thank you for all the updates you’ve been posting to the other themes and for the excellent support you’ve been providing. I understand that there are only so many hours in a day and that you are likely busy keeping what’s currently active afloat. However, an update would be appreciated as I have clients waiting on this theme.


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    I just saw your other post, but thought I’d follow-up here too…

    I am running behind and as always, very behind. I honestly have not started yet. Doing maintenance has been taking longer than I had planned. What I think I can do is just throw up a rough [free] alpha of the template that outputs only the info you posted above in a table. Would that work?

    Thanks very much for getting back Steven. Totally understandable that you’ve been needing to put your time into other support at the moment.

    It would appreciate it greatly if you could throw together an alpha template. The information I’m looking for is:

    • Department
    • First and Last Name
    • Organization
    • Work Fax
    • Cell Phone
    • Home Phone
    • Email Address

    Thank you very much.

    Plugin Author shazahm1


    Wonderful – thank you Steven!

    Whenever you choose to finish it count me in as a buyer.

    Plugin Author shazahm1



    No problem, sorry for taking so long!

    Do you have a link you can share so I can see it in action. My testing directory is really messy (on purpose) so this template didn’t fill in well for me because there were a lot of holes.

    Sure, though is possible to send a private message through the forum or may I email you directly? Reason it that it’s on a password-protected intranet but I can easily arrange for a viewing.

    Plugin Author shazahm1


    Cool, thanks! use the contact form here:

    Thanks, done.

    Hi Steven,
    Thanks again for releasing the Alpha version. Heads up there was a small bug in the lines-alpha/card.php file. Line 6 reads:

    <td><?php if ( $atts['show_phone_numbers'] ) $entry->getPhoneNumberBlock( array( 'format' => $atts['phone_format'] , 'type' => 'wokfax' ) ); ?></td>

    But should read

    <td><?php if ( $atts['show_phone_numbers'] ) $entry->getPhoneNumberBlock( array( 'format' => $atts['phone_format'] , 'type' => 'workfax' ) ); ?></td>

    Note the correction of “workfax”. Cheers

    Plugin Author shazahm1


    Ahhh… yeah, thanks!

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