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  • Hello WordPress Team,

    I’m having some problems with written lines under pictures.
    1. The position of the lines or pictures on my text editor aren’t the same as on my preview page. How can I fix this?
    2. When I compare my pages or posts on my Firefox browser with the Internet Explorer, on the latter, words and even pictures have moved or
    aren’t aligned anymore.
    Again this only happens with the position of pictures (e.g.adjacent pix) or when I’m writing lines under pics (lines will shift)
    My site:

    thanks for your help in advance,

    with friendly greetings,

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  • Hi Whitelight,

    It isn’t completely clear what lines you are referring to and which images you are referring to, but my guess would be that there is something in the Style Sheets for the template that is over-riding the positions of the images in the text editor.

    If you can be more specific about which images on which pages, and how you want them to appear, I will try to work out what you need to do to get them to work (no promises though 😉 )



    Thanks Simon for your response. OK I have to be more specific then.

    1. Look again at my website at the
    gallery 1 menu. You will see the first pic at the top it has a description: “My Fusion Band in Bangkok, Thailand” In my text editor
    this sentence appears beneath the pic. as I wanted it. But on my site
    it appears on the right side. Why isn’t this the same and how do I get it under the pic.
    2. Look at the last pic all the way down to the right. In my Firefox browser it says correctly:”In Kanton City with my Chinese Tai-Chi teacher from Holland”. However when I open “Internet Explorer”, the words of the sentences are juggled up and not aligned anymore. (I presume you have both browswers to compare)

    I have a bit of html knowledge, actually I’m currently studying it.

    Hope to hear from you soon,

    Heya Whitelight,

    Not sure about how to fix the text issue (2) because it is caused by IE rendering spaces differently to FF.

    Issue 1 can be resolved by adding 3 line breaks before the text.

    Hope that helps.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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