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  • The spacings are not
    carried out in the uploaded content. in this page the words are mix up.
    But when you click Read more you can see the right format of the content and also after i edit the post of that content the read more is not directing to its link anymore.

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  • For the links, go into the back end. Settings/Permalinks. Make sure that is configured correctly. Then save the options again.

    If that doesn’t fix the error, deactivate all plugins and then check. Plugin errors are common.

    For the formatting, your theme is using the_excerpt() instead of the_content(). the_excerpt() strips all HTML tags.

    I successfully modified all the the_excerpt() into the_content() but still having the same problem. When i use <p> im getting space instead of next line space and when i used ‘Sample
    Sample’ the content will show like ‘SampleSample’. help me please

    Well, I am not a programmer and I do not want to use HTML at all.
    I looked everywhere in this forum for an answere to line and paragraph spacing on the VISUAL editor.

    Why have all the other common Word type editor icons such as “align” on the ribbons, but not spacing? I realize to have every available Word options is ridiculous. To me, all the paragraph formatting abilities are crucial.

    Help on this? I will take the criticism of my p*ss poor in advance…thank you very much.

    Where did you change excerpt to content? Which file?

    could be a blog template.php

    There’s plenty of places that it could be for this change.

    If your not sure if your in the right file just throw some random text in the template and see if it shows on that page. If not, you’re probably on the wrong page.

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    @bruceaa Line and paragraph spacing are controlled by the theme. To change those, you’d have to change the CSS of the theme to adjust it. It’s not something that you can change through the editor at all.

    Publishing on the web isn’t the same as writing a document in a document editor. Webpages are designed to have a certain look, and spacing of elements like text and such are controlled separately from the content itself. This concept is called “separation of presentation and content“.

    The WordPress editor really only allows you to change the content. Things like emphasis and strong (which show up as italics and bold, usually) are considered to be content. Things like fonts, line spacing, etc., are considered to be presentation. So to change the presentation, you have to modify the theme itself.

    Sorry, sir, I do not follow your response. I entered text in the visual tab only. When I click the html tab, nothing shows up except the plain text that I typed in in the visual tab.

    So, I opened WordPad. Typed my post. Copy and paste to WP and same screwed up spacing.

    I am in the right page. One thing I will say for WP, it is hard to be on the wrong page.

    I downloaded my version of WP from 2MHost – my ISP through their “cPanel” dashboard. It’s WP v3.3.2


    Start a new thread with your problem. Dont highjack other peoples.

    Awesome comment, Bum. How appropriate. Where’s the Moderator to be the adult in the room?

    No problem.

    To save some time from reading the rest of the rules from the link below here is a helpful bit.

    Posting your own topic is smiled upon. Unless you’re having 100% without any doubts or variation, the exact same problem, do not post in someone else’s thread. Make your own.

    no excerpt in index and categories i found the file that controls the display of posts but there is no the_excerpt() and the_content(), i checked all the files change all excerpt into content i did not get any error and did not fix it.

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