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  • Please try the following:
    1. Open the post in your html editor and verify it. Perhaps you may find them.
    2. If you look at this report, you will find too many mistakes and warnings. Try to correct them.
    3. Use firebug + Firefox to locate and correct errors.

    Hi Krishna, that sort of thing is beyond me Im afraid! I have not had this problem on my numerous previous posts… when I view the post in ‘visual’ there are large spaces between the lines but not when published on the site…

    Are you using HTML editor or visual editor?

    visual editor

    You may try this:
    1. Next to the visual editor you will see HTML editor. Click on it. It will open showing HTML + your text + image HTML.
    2. Copy all contents except the HTML/codes for the image.
    3. Paste it on Notepad (not WordPad) and remove all codes.
    3. Come back to the HTML editor and remove everything from below the image code. Save it
    4. Open visual editor and paste everything from notepad and save it.

    Perhaps it will solve the problem.
    CAUTION: Copy everything and save it in another notepad txt file which you can just paste back if everything goes wrong.

    Well its not an image its text, Im not sure if you would tell me to do this anyway… for now I have simply placed a dot after each line where I want a space, its not ideal but it looks better than it did all squashed up. If I remove the dot the line where the dot was disappears again. I really dont know why this has happened this time….on the visual editor there are four spaces between the lines! The top is okay but the bottom half of the page is not. Did you look at the page?

    Bean Salad with Polenta and Asparagus

    Now open again the HTML editor. Check it. You will find a lot of <div> </div> etc. Remove the extra ones and see what happens.

    Thanks Krishna. How will I know if they are extra?

    Think of each <div></div> as one line.
    Whenever you think that it requires more than line, remove all the other “<div></div>”s.

    Remove all of those wherever you find them.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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