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  • I’m currently trying to fix the line spacing that appears in my website posts. Each line is really close to the next and I’d like to pad it out a little more.

    My site is

    Could someone possibly show me how to fix this for future reference?

    If need be, I’ll include a copy of the stylesheet. Thanks!

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  • It looks pretty okay to me — can you link to a page where this problem exists? Also, what browser are you using?

    I’m using the Andrina Lite theme and run into this problem as well.

    Making the font size larger improves the bunched up look.

    If you are wanting to add extra spacing for example between a header and paragraph or in between paragraphs, while in the visual editor sometimes hitting the return adds a blank link.

    When this didn’t work, I went into the text editor tab and inserted
    </br>, which is supposed to insert a blank line. It worked but I noticed the html was changed to  
    I tried adding   the next time and it worked.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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