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    Hey. I searched, but all I got was people having the problem that wordpress would double the amount of line breaks. The problem I’m having is, no matter how many line breaks I have, either by pressing enter or using html, it only allows one or two. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  • That’s the nature of HTML/browsers…. not WP…. if you want to force blank lines, you need to add   to add a non breaking space. That will force browsers to “respect” your blank lines.


    Thanks. Unfortunately I’m completely new to all of this. Could you tell me where to put that? Does it go in just like html tags in the entries?

    In the text area where you are typing your post….

    type, type,, blah, blah,blah[hit the enter key]
    [hit the enter key]
     [hit the enter key]
     [hit the enter key]
     [hit the enter key]
     [hit the enter key]

    That will create 4 blank lines between the last set of text, and the next one.


    Thanks a lot.

    Are you sure that 4 BR tags wouldn’t work? It should work.

    This hasn’t been cleared up in the first 100 search results, but I would like my visitors to be able to have line breaks (between paragraphs) in comments using the “enter” key, just like we have in posts. How is this done. My visitors aren’t able to, nor would I ask them to, insert code into a text comment.

    chode – they don’t… it’s the nature of HTML & browsers.

    jennmiller – shrug. plugin maybe?


    Thanks, TG I’ll keep trying 🙂 I idiotically just visited the plugin repository looking for the “Shrug.Plugin”. D’oh!

    so far what i figured out was to use:


    anytime i need a new line break.
    using only ” ” didnt work the last time i checked.

    so i’m still looking a better fancy way to get, say two line breaks from time to time, after a couple of paragraphs or whatever.

    ok i meant to say


    and ‘using only nbsp; ‘…….

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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