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  1. tdemjanec
    Posted 4 years ago #

    This issue seems to be an old one, but I have yet to come across a realistic solution.

    I have two sites, Ultimate TinyMCE is installed and activated on both. Both WP 3.3.1, two different themes.

    On one site I have no issues.

    On the other site, when I edit a post using the visual editor, all line breaks get removed. I have to then disable the option in the user profile and go back and fix all the HTML.

    I do NOT want to spend my time doing this! It's tedious, takes a lot of time, as you all know.

    I believe there must be some other way to use the visual editor without everything smashing together. (E.g., this doesn't seem to be an issue on my other site.) I DO want to be able to go back and edit posts, enhancing text format and layout. I DO want to add an image and then see what it looks like immediately within the visual editor.

    Have I missed something in regard to resolving this age-old issue? Is it Ultimate TinyMCE? Why is it happening on one site, and not the other?

    Suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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