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    Apparently, WP is supposed to convert empty lines in the editor (double-returns) into a new paragraph.

    I’ve tried the WYSIWYG editor, I’ve tried every formatting plugin on the planet, with AND without the “WP should automatically correct invalidly nested XHTML” option.

    But no matter what I do, my empty line breaks still show up as the stupid < br /> in my source. In fact, NOTHING makes a new paragraph unless I insert < p > by hand.
    This gets confusing because a single return still makes a break, but if I want any more space between paragraphs I have to add < p > or another <BR>,.. but if I put < p > on a new line in the editor, it will give me a break AND a paragraph. See what I mean?

    Is there a way to a) turn off ALL auto-formatting, so I can at least eliminate any confusion when I write in the tags myself. Or b) convert empty breaks to < p > like they’re supposed to?

    Thanks =)

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  • Turns out, after 2 days of lonely frustration, confusion, and seriously concidering switching to a CMS/blog with less formatting bugs, all I needed was


    in my stylesheet.

    Thanks everyone for all your HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! v-v

    I’m sort of a next-generation user: I don’t know CSS or much html beyond <P> </P>. I am having similar but rather random paragraph problems using the wysiwyg editor ( which is all I want to use!).

    When writing a post within wordpress, sometimes — but not consistently — I get BR instead of P tags. I have to go in and change the HTML, and sometimes it doesn’t stick.

    I am not about to mess with my template code.

    Also, sometimes I prefer to write in a text editor. I can’t figute out how to consistently make paragraphs when pasting into wordpress from Word docs saved as rich text or plain text, nor from wordpad. Sometimes I get double line breaks between grafs, other times I get quadruple breaks.

    I see several similar unresolved questions on this forum. Maybe this is a wordpress bug that people have to live with?

    I too am seeing multipe
    tags all over my published page source but not in my post code.

    This is extremely frustrating, and I wanted to know if anyone can help. We have spend 20+ hours trying to debug this and it is simply frustrating.

    This code relates to our Contact Us Page,

    Again, we have NO breaks in the Post code whatsoever, but the published page source code has TONS of them, and I mean TONS!

    Please if anyone can help I’d love to know how. YES, I have turned off the Rich text editor and am working in all code.

    I’m looking to a solution to this problem. Looks like I’ll have to investigate alternative blogging software though if this is somebodys idea of ‘resolved’!

    One guy mentions that he may have found a work around by editing one of the style sheets… he doesn’t mention where he found the work around or which stylesheet it should be applied too and there is no formal reply from anyone technical here to confirm that it will fix this critical bug! AND THIS IS RESOLVED???

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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