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  • Ok, this has been bugging me ever since I started using Word Press, and I know I’m not the only one but… please. PLEASE. Give us the ability to create intentional line breaks in the editor without having to resort to manually editing the HTML. It’s absolutely maddening.

    For instance, one of the blogs I am supporting is a poetry blog for a writing group… And most of these folks are not terribly tech savvy. And if someone is entering a work that has 50 or so lines long, having to go through and manually add tags (that may wind up be stripped out anyway) is extremely frustrating for these folks.

    I understand the desire to adhere to HTML/XHTML standards. But the bottom line is, the vast majority of the time, the end user of the product couldn’t care less. They just want their content to look the way they expect it to. If they don’t want every single line to become a paragraph, then the editor should respect that, regardless of “good practice” or adherence to accepted standards.

    WordPress is an excellent product. But this strange little anomaly is, believe it or not, enough to drive some to demand we look at other CMSs. And what am I supposed to say? No? Yes, line breaks are a pain in the butt in WordPress, but get over it?

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    In the visual editor, hit SHIFT-ENTER to make a line break.

    In the HTML editor, you can use <br /> between lines.

    This ‘anomaly’ is actually common in the majority of CMS tools (MediaWiki, Drupal, Joomla, Blogger all do it).

    nice feedback

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