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  • Michael


    I am trying to select a MathJax plugin for a professor, and this one seems to come the closest to what he wants. However, he likes to write some formulas like the following:

    {\cal O}(t) = e^{iHt} {\cal O} e^{-iHt} \,,

    With a return after the first square bracket and a second return before the closing backslash.

    However, the equation renders with < br/ > before and after.

    Is there a configuration option that could fix this? Or would the plugin need to be modified?

    I asked him if he could just write the equation on one line:
    \[ {\cal O}(t) = e^{iHt} {\cal O} e^{-iHt} \,, \]

    But he suggested I try a yet another plugin. However, I would prefer to stick with the MathJax plugin with the largest number of downloads.

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  • The professor I am supporting decided to replace the backslash square bracket syntax with \begin{equation} and \end{equation}.

    This created the additional complication that MathJax was no longer loading. As long as at least one equation used the square brackets, or if I added [latex][/latex], the script then loaded.

    It might be useful to have a checkbox to force loading of MathJax on every page or at least add \begin{equation} as one of the conditional triggers.

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