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  • How is it possible that still nowadays, with all the intelligent features WordPress provides, users don’t have a simple way to save multiple line breaks in the text editor?

    The only solution so far seems to go in the html editor and write “
    ” tags, which anyway get reset when you switch back to the rich text editor.

    Could WordPress developers please provide users with this simple feature, for example through a checkbox in the “writing settings”, like they did for emoticons?

    Thanks 🙂

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  • esmi


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    Which editor? The HTML or Visual Editor

    Strictly speaking, forcing <br /> as extra line breaks is bad HTML and bad design. Not to mention that we know jumping back and forth between HTML and Visual editors goobers formatting a lot :/

    There are some plugins that will let you do this with the tinyMCE editor.

    @esmi I would make it automatic in the visual editor and leave the manual coding in the html editor, making sure that switching between the two does not reset your changes.

    @ipstenu I’ve tried some plugins, (like “advanced tinyMCE”), but they mess-up other features. What’s more, WordPress is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. That’s the key of it’s very success. It’s not aimed at computer geeks, although they can still use it in more advanced ways. So, from a normal user perspective there must be a way to insert multiple line breaks in the visual editor, without any efforts. We are all used to be able to do the same in Word, Pages, Open Office, or any text editor we use on our desktop.

    The web is not text. I’m not trying to be blasie about it, but it’s just … There are still lmits about what you can and can’t do, YET, on a lot of web based projects.

    What’s more, WordPress is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. That’s the key of it’s very success. It’s not aimed at computer geeks, although they can still use it in more advanced ways.

    That’s one interpretation, sure. But it’s no more accurate than any other. It does work very well for all levels of users, but not perfectly. TinyMCE has limits. And IIRC those are limits of tinyMCE, and not WordPress itself. Not being dismissive, but accepting of the current limits. Until someone can code WP to be all things for all people, you have to make choices and accept limitations.

    Other posts about this…

    Hi Ipstenu, saying “the web is not text” does not help much on the present subject. Same thing about “accepting the current limits”. I don’t think WordPress it’s a bad product, in fact it’s the opposite and I love it.

    Still, since this section is named “Requests and Feedbacks” I feel free to express what I think should be fixed in future updates. To me, the impossibility of adding extra line breaks in the visual editor is an obvious “bug”.

    I talk from real-life user experience, not from a technical code-hacker point of view. Did you ever ask yourself why years ago WordPress became way bigger than Drupal? Or Php than Python? “Simplicity” is the answer. Their succes is bond to being user-friendly, easy to use and to learn, still allowing more advanced features if needed.

    By the way, I already looked at the older posts you are citing, but it seems that nobody has ever found a proper solution yet.

    I realized my reply was a tl;dr

    This has been suggested before:

    Not going to be fixed though as Otto mentions:

    This is not a TinyMCE thing, it’s wpautop that’s doing it. And frankly, I think it’s desired behavior. If they want vertical space, they should be using styles on the paragraph. Okay, not the best UX, but perhaps an easier way to insert a vertical space is called for instead of letting the user enter non-semantic P’s and BR’s?

    So turn off wpautop and it will work for code view, but I think TinyMCE will still eat it for Visual views.

    Hi Ipstenu, thanks for your help. I still don’t understand why the WordPress team is so resistant to such a simple and basic change, that many users would happily enjoy.

    Is there a way to let them know?

    Post it in trac, but I suspect the same answer will apply.

    There’s no point in changing how wpautop handles it if TinyMCE is going to ignore that.

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