• As I tell in the title the limits of the product are quickly reached.
    What are these limits, I just give some examples:

    • No user color palette : if you want to define your colors you must memorize your colors and paste hexa value for each box.
    • Default value of user colors have same value for chars and background if you don’t change the chars value you get no display… It misses just set default chars color to black !!! You tell it to support and two month after there is no no answer, what you tell is always forgotten by support.after one or two days
    • If you have developed for your pages a js routine to calculate elements position when the window is resized the two events “resize” (one into your code and the one of the colorbox which adapts the display to the width). I margin left or right changed and the display is not redefined (missing on(‘…’) launch position calculation. So colorbox cannot be managed if you have a js manager which can change some elements of the display and affect usable width : no compatibility.
    • To know : any box has H3 header and the content his the H3 content, but you cannot define complementary attributes. Consequently you are unable to associate classes or “data-” attributes with the elementary boxes. I explain if you can add classes or “data-” attributes you can use jquery to hold particular actions defined by a script (for example zoom the box into a FancyBox) or display any information, hide temporarily elementary boxes which have a define class etc.
    • The icons for elementary boxes headers are very limited, you cannot add others libraries of icons
    • etc.

    Support doesn’t answer at all. … when questions are not basic.

    I have written seven messages I have got just once a few words of answer which were with really no relation with the question.

    This while I had bought the full unlimited license.

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