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  • I saw a template that cut off how much of a post was shown on the homepage. How do I specifiy this in another template?


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  • Modify the template files to use the_excerpt and/or the_content as necessary.

    cool, i did this. however, the format of my posts are lost….bolding, line breaks, ect.

    anyway to keep those in tact?

    As you noticed when you read up on the_excerpt, it removes a lot of formatting.

    If you want a bit more flexibility, have a look at the the_excerpt_reloaded plugin. It gives you the option to modify the excerpt length and keep assorted html tags (including img).

    thanks. i have it installed and in my template, however when i click on the “read more” link it just links to a separate page that’s still excerpted. shouldn’t it display the entire post? i asked on that page, but thought you might know as well.


    There’s a lengthy page of “how-to” on KafkaesquĆ­’s site where you got the plugin. I’m sure it addresses that situation there somewhere…. For one thing, the plugin defaults to “the_excerpt” – so you’re going to have to read the documentation on the page thoroughly, so that you can “undefault” the stuff you want changed.

    It sounds like your theme doesn’t have a single.php? If it doesn’t, copy index.php to single.php and use the_content instead of the_excerpt or the_excerpt_reloaded.

    yes, thank you Handysolo. that was the problem. however, my pages are still excerpted. is there a way to fix that?

    Your theme must be doing everything with index.php, eh?

    Same deal – copy index.php to page.php (see Pages for a bit more on Pages and themes)

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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