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  • ealsedewilde


    This plugin seems to mix version control with backups. I want version control on my website, but not necessarily on my WordPress installation. When I checkout an older version of my website, I stil want the latest version of WordPress and it’s plugins.
    Furthermore I don’t see the purpose of version control on wp-content/uploads. I don’t have various versions of the same picture. For my site I have moved wp-content/uploads to a save raid storage outside the WordPress folder an thus outside the local git-repository. Strangely enough Revisr uses the uploads folder for database backups. So for me the database backups are also outside the local git-repository. I would be much better if Revisr uses a separate wp-content/backups folder.
    The last remark; there is no support for SSH keys in connecting to remote git-reposities.
    All this leads me to the conclusion that Revisr is of limited use.

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