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  • While it does a good job of copying a site, the result is a cul-de-sac of changes lost unless you keep a record of each small edit and then manually perform those edits on a production site. Badly misnamed for what it does. Hope the author implements push-to-live or rnames the plugin.

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  • Plugin Author Rene Hermenau


    Hello Mark, so you are giving only a 1 star rating because the plugin is doing what it says but is using a wrong name in your opinion and is missing something you need? Usually i am ignoring such reviews but today i let you know what i think about it.

    Before i do may i ask you first why i should feel motivated to invest more of my human live time to implement a push-to-live function for a review like yours?

    Would you be willing to do so if you were in place of me?

    You are giving the plugin a 1-star rating which means nothing more than my personal work is totally crap. Thats your good right, feel free to do it but please don’t ask me for support at the same time here:

    Nevertheless, I give you the answer because that’s my friendly human nature: You find the option in the settings menu of WP Staging and it is called
    Disable admin authorization

    You have the feeling i am disappointed? Yes, you are right!

    Here on wordpress real humans are acting. Plugins are not developed by machines and yes it hurts when you get a slap in your face for your work.

    So please consider next time if a plugin really deserves a 1-star for being the worst crap on planet earth before you rate it (and ask at the same time for a new feature and for support)

    If you think something is missing you can also assist the developer and make a plugin better but with a unjustified 1-star rating you will run against closed doors instead getting the response you are hoping.

    This 1 star should be remove!! The plugin doesn’t fail but the user is error.

    Plugin Author Rene Hermenau


    Thank you very much @emilybkk Your participation is much appreciated

    With all due respect, Emily, the rating system is not meant to be only for endorsements. The title and narrative for this plugin are misleading. The fact that I bothered to rate it at all is more than I would do for someone who’d done a bad job. No mention is worse. I applaud Rene for building something and doing a good job with as far as he went, but how would you rate an automobile that advertised its passenger comfort, stylish design and low emissions except it was bolted to the ground unable to move?

    For example, where in this pitch from the plugin site do you see reflected the fact that you are branching your code not staging it:

    “Change your workflow of updating themes and plugins data:
    Use WP Staging for migration of a production website to a clone site for staging purposes
    Customize theme, configuration and plugins or install new plugins
    Test everything on your staging site first
    Everything running as expected? You are on the save side for migration of all these modifications to your production site!”

    “Stages” are steps in a process. The process of “Staging” technology is widely accepted as meaning to create a test version which is then moved to production. No such vector exists within this plugin. What it’s called and how it’s presented needs to change.

    “Duplicate” – Fine. “Copy” – Fine. “Branch” – fine. “Stage” – no.

    Other than renaming the product which I’m certain he’d rather not do, my recommendation to Rene is to add a sentence to the product description in the gray area above the menu at which says something like “No facilitiy exists for copied site to be merged back or copy over the site in production.” so it shows in product summaries I appreciate that at least he recently added the note about no push back to the live site.

    I would have Rene add a checkbox somewhere in his settings labeled “In Production” or “Staging Off” that would remove the “Staging” banner and change the site path in Settings. I solved my problem by simply pointing Apache to the “staged” directory and then editing the database to make the necessary configuration changes. Not an elegant solution or what I will want to use going forward, but much less time consuming than piecemeal transfer to the production site all the small changes I’d made.

    I’d be willing to pay for a site that did staging properly. So far, I haven’t found one that works well for both creating a staged version and moving the staged version to production.

    Rene –

    To respond to your note: first see my response to Emily.

    I understand your frustration, I hope you can understand mine. You’ve come so close to creating something the WordPress world needs desperately. What you’ve done is not “crap”, but it’s not a “staging” product either. The words you use are important. And my critique is not meant as a slap, but as a honest critique intended to help you make the product better.

    I won’t be using the product as-is going forward. (So far, the more sophisticated developers I’ve encountered in my search for a staging methods are all just using raw version control through GIT or Subversion as no product exists that does real staging.) However, I will check in occasionally to see if you’ve fulfilled the promise of the product name and will be overjoyed to give you a five star rating and tweet and facebook post my endorsement (the latter two I have not done in the negative at this point as this is the best place to communicate with you.)

    You asked me “why I should feel motivated to invest more of my human live time to implement a push-to-live function for a review like yours.”

    That’s easy to answer: because you don’t want anyone else to ask you “Staging to Live Instructions please” as crashkillsvince did 3 months ago with so many others chiming in and you want someone like me to be writing rave reviews about how easy it was to make changes offline and push them into production. I don’t know your circumstances and, as I said, I applaud your effort. With that “human live time” you might very well make your plugin into something every WordPress developer will want to be using. Go for it!!


    The 1 star should be fore plugin that are really fail or break your site or nothing working. I just think that your rating or not fair for developer who spend his time to develope kind of good product to help the community. Your 1 star doesn’t help anybody at all also this community. You can give it more with a suggestion but this 1 star is unacceptable. Imagine if you are developer. This community should be the place where we help each other not just only take from but also give back too.

    I consider not read your long explain because it will just make me mad. No matter how long is it, it doesn’t reason for 1 star!

    Seem others people understand how this plugin work but you. You just want it to be as you want it like you hire him. Of course nobody asking him to do this but we are hoping this community to be a better place not just for people who come to take whatever that he don’t have to pay and complain about it.

    @rene You already did a great job. There are other solution for his need. Let it go.

    Though a 1-star may be a bit harsh, I have to agree with Mark on this one. I just spent 3 weeks developing a site in staging mode and now have no way of making it live. On top of that I’ll lose all of my edit history and plugin settings.

    This should not be called staging as that implies a push-to-production tool.

    A 1-star is very, very harsh and I must agree with Renee and Emily on this one. One star implies that either the plug-in is harmful or totally fails in its intended function. It’s a warning to other users to stay away from this product.

    Now, anyone who doesn’t read the description of the plug-in before installing it and is then dissatisfied is not justified in complaining via the rating system. In the description for his plug-in, Renee clearly and obviously states:

    Note: This plugin is not able to push back your changes to the live site at the moment! This is a feature i am already working on.

    If you missed that super-obvious warning, shame on you. For issuing a rating of one star, which implies a totally dysfunctional or harmful plug-in, shame on you again. For issuing an unfair rating that has potential to damage a developer’s reputation while simultaneously asking for that developer’s free support shame again. This is very unfriendly behavior.

    This is an open community and the plug-in Renee developed is released for free. He clearly describes what it does and warns about what it cannot do. Mark and Robin, that warning has been there for months, by the way; it’s not a recent addition. (You can verify this at the thread Renee actively and helpfully supports his product, to the extent of providing assistance directly to those trying to use it in a full staging manner (who have already tried, have run into trouble, and ask politely for help). He’s an outstanding example of a great WordPress developer and community member.

    Asking for a new feature, asking for support with an existing product, and providing a critical review are all acceptable behaviors here. But bashing a product and a developer because you didn’t do your homework isn’t.

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