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    Is it possible to run a visible countdown per checkbox option for limited quantities?

    We’re using this for advertising sales.
    There are a limited number of banners in rotation in each ad spot.
    Each ad spot is a checkbox to select it with a price value (saved value).

    Can we somehow run a visible countdown on each ad spot checkbox?

    In other words, ad spot 1 has 10 banners in rotation. Each time a banner is sold into that ad spot (by checkbox selection) we want the visible quantity available to reduce by one, down to zero.

    Hopefully this makes sense? If not, please any questions you have.

    Thank you,

    PS – If necessary to accomplish this we will gladly by the Pro version.

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  • OK – lets change this up a bit – is there any way at all to run a visible countdown on limited quantities? Whether using check-boxes or any other form elements?

    Thank you,

    Plugin Contributor jamie.wahlin


    This isn’t a built-in option, but it probably could be accomplished with custom code. Personally, I would try creating a custom shortcode to display the countdown.

    If you have additional questions about this, I would recommend creating a ticket in our help desk:

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