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    Is there a way to get past the limit of 3000 tags showing in the Entry Tags list? My client currently has over 5,000 tags and we need one that isn’t showing in the 3000 to trigger the next step in the campaign after the gravity form is submitted.

    I know most people have less than 3k tags, but many of our clients with old apps have way more. This is a HUGE roadblock for completing a project on time.

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  • 1) Alphabetize the tag – start with a number or space?
    2) Completely unsupported, untested patch to the plugin code
    In infusionsoft.php, find the following function:

    static function get_tag_list() {

    Try changing to 4 from 2

    for( $page = 0; $page <= 2; $page++ ) {

    In function

    private function getNewTag($tag, $used = array()) {

    Change to 5000 from 10000

    if(isset($used[$tag])) {
                $i = 1;
                while($i < 1000) {
                    if(!isset($used[$tag.'_'.$i])) {
                        return $tag.'_'.$i;
            return $tag;

    No dice on either one. I wish I could get my head around which tags it shows. Seems to be random, but I doubt that. Some old tags, some new ones.

    Maybe combine tag (re)naming with a sort in function get_tag_list?

    Custom sort in get_tag_list is outside my pay grade LOL.

    I love this plugin… but I can’t believe this is such a difficult thing.

    I’d love for it to show me the newest tags. Better would be ALL the tags. Somewhere it is limiting it to 3000 tags. That seems to be the easiest thing to modify. I just can’t find it.

    It says in the comments in the plugin code that “Tags are cached using gf_infusionsoft_tag_list transient.”

    I’m wondering how to reset that cache.

    The 3000 limit is 1000 tags per page * 3 pages in function get_tag_list.
    The other change is in the tag application list.
    Up the page count & dump the tag array in get_tag_list. You should see 5000 tags.


    OK, I just talked to Zack. You were on the right track, but instead of changing the 2 to a 4, in my case, I needed to change it to a 6 to make sure those last tags were seen.


    Marking as resolved. Thanks Zack.

    Plugin Contributor Zack Katz


    In, I added a filter to modify how many tags to check:

    Added: gf_infusionsoft_max_number_of_tags filter to allow developers to change how many tags to fetch from Infusionsoft (returns int, 4000 default)

    Thanks Zack. When I update, will I need to edit that? Or does the change we made today stay?

    Plugin Contributor Zack Katz


    You’ll need to add this to your functions.php:

    add_filter('gf_infusionsoft_max_number_of_tags', 'modify_ gf_infusionsoft_max_number_of_tags');
    function gf_infusionsoft_max_number_of_tags($previous) {
    return 6000;
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