• If you would like to sell tickets for recurring events, look elsewhere. We purchased Events Calendar Pro and Events Tickets Plus with the [seemingly] simple goal of supporting two ticket types (Child and Adult) for events that were to occur 1-3 times per day for a few days in a row. Implementation has been a nightmare.

    If you are not looking for recurring event support, this plugin/s might be fine for you.

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  • Hey Sally,

    I’m definitely bummed to see a two-star review roll in, but I really do appreciate the feedback and definitely empathize with your situation. You’re absolutely correct that Event Tickets Plus does not support the recurring events functionality at the moment and, while we try to communicate that in many places, my apologies if that was not immediately clear up front.

    The truth is that we are working on building the integration as we speak:


    And, while it does sound like a simple feature to accomplish, it has actually proven to be very difficult. We’re definitely committed to getting that feature out as soon as possible, so please do stay tuned for it in a future release.

    All this said, it would be awesome if you could review this based on your experience with Event Tickets rather than Event Tickets Plus and Events Calendar PRO since those are completely separate plugins from Event Tickets. In other words, did Event Tickets do the job of being able to create RSVPs on events on and other post types? Does it live up to the functionality it was designed to do? Please consider updating your review to reflect that and we would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks so much!

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