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  1. blkdv
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Building this site for months now http://www.idchicago.com - and about 5 days ago began having some trouble. These past few days have been heavy posting; results in a a white screen.

    I can log into admin dashboard, & the website is still active. BUT when i click on posts -i get a white screen (this morning it was saying "500 Internal error" - thats all.
    -same with plugins, cannot access them.

    i researched other postings on this, and I narrowed it down to recommendations to de-activae plugins. Although Ive read how to manually deactivate plugins (via wordpress forum with both FTP & phpMyAdmin) i cannot seem to get any progress with it.

    *NOW - somehow i was able to turn off a recent addition "google analytics" plugin, and it WORKED last night.

    This morning I logged back on to edit - and the internal error comes up! I cannot access my posts page or plugins page. WHITE screens.

    I tried renaming the plugins folder via FTP - and that doesn't seem to do anything - immediately brings down everything.
    Called yahoo - for help with phpMyAdmin - i want to strangle them.

    So - htaccess file? although I dont see one (even showing invisibles)
    Im begging yahoo to help me with the phpMyAdmin to assist to reset the plugins manually..

    If I delete a whole plugin file (despite it not even being activated) via FTP - will that reflect on my dashboard to help it possible?

    Any insight would be incredibly helpful - my head is spinning

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