• I’ve just been pointed to Kadence via Toolset. It’s a great plugin, but I found a few problems.

    The first is the inability to move a block out of a column if it’s the only block in the column. I found another post about this, and I now understand this is a Gutenberg bug.

    The other two issues are to do with Columns within Kadence rows – so perhaps these ARE Kadence issues rather than Gutenberg ones.

    I’ve not seen a way to move columns: so if I want to change the order of columns I need to move each individual block within each column.

    I’ve not seen a way to delete columns within a row, or add new columns to a row: in general, I can’t change the number of columns in a row, once it’s been created.

    Are these Kadence or Gutenberg problems?


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  • Hey,
    Thanks for posting.

    Yes I’ve seen some tickets about allowing nested blocks to be moved even if they are the only block nested, hopefully that is fixed soon.

    Moving columns is not an option, it’s an interesting idea that I’ll have to brainstorm how to accomplish. Not really a Gutenberg problem although the core columns can’t be moved either. More of a feature request. Thanks for posting about it!

    You can change the column number which effectively deletes the last column(s) or creates a new last column(s). Once you create a row in the top of the row settings there are three tabs click on the desktop icon and you can see the columns selector.

    I hope that helps!


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