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  • The idea of it is great, and I’ve enjoyed experimenting with it on a theme I purchased. However, this plugin really requires a theme that is meant for it, and the themes are limited right now. So, using this plugin with a Genesis theme, for example, doesn’t work at all (and I’m a heavy Genesis user). There is a conflict that makes it fall apart. Using it with other themes allows it to work, but you are left with story elements that mainly look like large photos and insets that you could achieve otherwise, with native WordPress abilities.

    The documentation is a bit sparse, considering the learning curve this plugin requires as far as understanding how to set up the story elements (e.g. parallax). I think it has promise (and I believe there are some upcoming updates and improvements that may change this review), but right now you are limited based on themes built especially for this plugin.

    I’m leaning towards other methods of telling stories that don’t require this plugin or a limited selection of available themes.

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  • Plugin Author Nick Haskins


    I’m sad to hear that you’ve rated my plugin 3 stars. This was designed in a specific way, and it’s stated everywhere that a proper theme is recommended for this. If you we’re rating it at 3 stars if something didn’t work, or I was unresponsive to your questions, I could understand, but I think it’s a bit unfair because the plugin is working exactly as it was designed, and documented to do.

    Also, we have tested this in Genesis and have found no issues at all.

    The documentation was just re-launched, and there are two tutorial that go into great detail on how to use the Parallax component. One thing the documentation will ot teach you how to do , is build a story. We just provide the tools for you to do so.

    In the end, a 3-star rating is pretty unfair IMO.

    Plugin Author Michael Beil


    Hey @julesvern97,

    Just wondering if you have seen this great quick start guide for enabling theme support for Aesop Story Engine:

    It’s pretty neat.

    1. Download plugin
    2. Enable theme support
    3. * add this line of code: add_theme_support("aesop-component-styles", array("parallax", "image", "quote", "gallery", "content", "video", "audio", "collection", "chapter", "document", "character", "map", "timeline" ) ); into a plugin like Code Snippets or add it directly into your theme’s functions.php file.

    4. Build your story
    5. Check out resources

    Feel free to ping Aesop over on Twitter or the support forums as well.

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