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  • This plugin works but has very limited application in its current form.

    The shortcode

    [onclick-popup setting="1" group="1"]

    created 5 links instead of just one. The only way I could limit it to just group 1 was to delete the other 4 groups. Surely that’s not how it should work.

    The popup only ‘pops up’ once per page refresh. That’s ok if you only want the client to see the pop up once. This “feature” is not mentioned on the author’s plugin page.

    Based on the Support page, the author is not actively monitoring support requests. Many still waiting after 3 months (or more) for any response.

    If you intend using this plugin seriously, one of the support questions sent in mid 2013 was actually an answer. The support question provides a link with everything you need to fix the plugin to work as expected e.g. pop up more than once per refresh and how to use it in a ‘responsive’ them. Looks like good stuff but not suitable for a novice and too much effort for me. Too bad the author hasn’t been reading his support entries. He could have used this guys documentation to fix and improve the plugin.

    The author ( is responsible for dozens of WP plugins. I tried this one (Onclick Popup) because I had found WP Anything Slider (another gopiplus plugin) worked as described. Sadly I can’t make the same recommendation for Onclick Popup: just one star.

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